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Subdivision Plan
Design Guidelines
Views & Vistas

Highland Springs has been developed with eco-friendly and environmentally responsible principles in mind, and in accordance with the City of Chilliwack, Tree Management Bylaw.  Five large areas of the site will be preserved as natural forested zones. Our design guidelines bring visual harmony for the residences with their natural wooded surroundings.

Roadways and pathways have been narrowed, reducing pavement and allowing for more green space and lineal park areas.  The large lots and relatively modest house footprints leave wide yard spaces between homes for lawns and gardens, as well as natural landscaping.  Retaining walls have been minimized, and where required, green wall systems are used along with natural boulders and stone.
In addition to the preserved forested zones, Highland Springs will have numerous street trees and other trees and shrubs strategically planted in clusters for aesthetic appeal, safety and to maximize views.

Our design guidelines emphasize on-lot storage and
re-use of rain water for landscape maintenance, in addition to using environmentally sustainable systems, materials and finishes – including:

• Dual or low flush toilets
• Water conserving faucets and showerheads
• Bamboo flooring and cabinets
• Energy efficient windows
• LED and smart lighting systems
• Energy star-rated appliances
• High efficiency HVAC or geo-thermal systems
• Low VOC paints











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E. & O. E. The developer reserves the right to make modifications to subdivision servicing design, specifications, features and layout plans. Prices are subject to change and can be withdrawn at any time.